We produce and protect beauty at the same time.

RICHENZA s.r.o. was founded in the spring of 1999. From the very beginning the motto of the company was the above mentioned sentence.

We believe that beauty and reason are women's qualities, and that is why we must also protect them.

Cosmetic and cleaning services can be ordered at the shop or by calling +420 604 237 128 (8:00 - 18:00) and tin soldiers in the shop or by calling 734 839 047 (07:00 - 15:00 .)

Tin soldiers are sent only by post, postage prices are constantly changing in line with the increase in Czech Post services. Personal collection was canceled at the headquarters.

Tin Soldiers: Tin figures are hand cast, full, hand-worked and painted in matte and glossy colors. Most of the pieces are composed of several parts (horse riders, soldiers with banner, cannons, etc.)

We are not VAT payers.

Story company name

The name of the founder of the company Richeza brought a book you read in 1996 on vacation.

The book featured the story of a princess Richeza:

"Richenza, Swedish-Polish princess, born in 1288 in Poland, married to Wenceslaus II. Is the motive. They called her Elizabeth Rejčka medieval Czech name Richenza garbled on Rejčka. A name Elizabeth was in those times the king's name, and because Václav II. already had a daughter Elizabeth, people have Richenza, though zkomoleným behalf Rejčka named to never misconception about that Eliska's speech. Richenza in Bohemia, spent 12 years of my entire life and Václav II. gave birth to a daughter, Agnes. Shortly after her birth, died Czech king Vaclav II. tuberculosis. His son Wenceslas III. was the 1306 campaign in Poland was murdered in Olomouc. Although he was young, and already married to Viola Těšínská, had no children. It died Přemyslovci. Richenza therefore his life experienced to flourish Premysl dynasty, and their extinction in the male. his life she lived as a 48-year-old on his small royal court in Brno, where from Hradec Kralove after another widowhood love of his life, Henry of Lipa moved. at that time the Czech Republic has been ruled by John of Luxembourg and Elisabeth of Bohemia. Richenza Henry of Lipa several years and survived the rest of his years of dedicated heyday Czech medieval literature, founded a monastery in Brno, where monks copying and drawings produced many treasures of medieval books. "


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