Studies Jana, Hana, Jitka etc. In Hradec Kralove finds numerous.

Royal beauty care and counseling in her preservation from Richeza only one.

We offer you:

• various types of manicure (classic, men, JESSICA, WRAP, P.shine Japanese, SPA, PURE FIJI)
cosmetic skin treatment cosmetics SYN CARE PURE FIJI
Shellac paint
sports and relaxation massage + option showering
• SPA pedicure
hair removal device hot voskem-
accompanying sales of cosmetics and nail care products for home
VIP treatment throughout the day

Pricing cosmetic services

Order NAIL + MASSAGE on telephone number 604 237 128 (7:00-22:00 hrs.)

Order your cosmetics + pedicure on tel. Number 604237128


Workspace for creating different types of manicure for natural nails.
Classic manicure, men's, Jessica, P.shine, Shellac,
WRAP, SPA, Pure Fiji, elektrorukavice
and paraffin wrap for hands be dry.
Pravý pracovní stůl

Sirius sterilizer

Workspace for nail gel,
Acrylic, Gel-UV coating.
Levý pracovní stůl

1. Gel nail modeling

2. Painting natural nails varnishes and varnish drawings

3. Painting natural nails varnishes and varnish drawings

4. Nail modeling gel

5. Classic manicure with painting

6. Acrylic nail modeling

7. Classic manicure with painting

8. Japanese P-SHINE manicure

9. Classic manicure with painting

10. Japanese manicure P. Shine

11. Golden mask after massage

12. Acne mask

13. Classic manicure

14. Nail modeling

15. French white - nail modeling gel

16. Classic manicure with painting

17. Classic manicure with painting

Franch manikúra 17

18. French white - nail modeling gel

19. Camouflage gel modeled, previously nonexistent nails!

20. Classic manicure

21. Classic manicure

22. Classic manicure

23. Classic manicure with painting

24. Classic manicure with painting

25. Classic manicure

26. Condition after the accident and before modeling (camouflage gel)

27. Post-traumatic nail gel - nails made templates

28. French nail art

29. Nail modeling gel

30. Classic manicure with painting

31. Permanent gel

Klasická manikúra

32. Classic manicure with painting

33. Classic manicure with painting

34. Classic manicure with painting


35. Classic manicure with painting

36. Classic manicure with painting

37. Classic manicure with painting

38. Gel nail modeling

39. Nails modeling - gel Bikaver

Léto 2013

40. Nail gel modeling

Franch gel manikúra

41. French White - gel nail modeling

Pánská manikúra - čeven 2013

42. Men's manicure

Klasická manikúra 2013

43. Classic manicure

Lakování gellakem EBD

44. Gel lacquer painting EBD


Stříbrná variace nehtů

45. Silver variation of the nails, which were originally neurotic damaged nail plate lengthwise and crosswise

46. Classic manicure with painting

Japonská manikúra P.SHINE

47. Japanese manicure P. Shine

48. French white - nail gel modeling

49. Icy winter nail - nail gel modeling

50. Gel nails Bikaver

Japonská manikúra PSH

51. Japanese manicure PSH

52. Nail modeling the damaged nails

53. Jessica manicure

54. French nail gel modeling





It is used for massage and peeling:
sports and relaxation massage with oil-Pacific Renia
products, a relaxing massage from the island of Fiji breeze from paradise,
Sugar cane bodypeeling, depilation Arab mass,
shower for showering available and relaxing music
It is commonplace.
Masážní lůžko
Sprchový kout


Cleansing, face and neck massage, various masks,
relaxation, make-up day, evening, bridal.
Color consulting. Skin care cosmetics perform
SynCare Pacific-Renia. Waxing
+ Eyebrow eyelashes and eyebrows. Skin treatment electroplating.




SPA pedicure with massage DK from the knee down,
nail treatment, classic painting, gel nails, acrylic,
gel-coating lacquers.

Accompanying sale

NAIL and SYN CARE, Pacifica-Renui, not for the self-employed.Cleaning agents Professional Series CORMEN.
Accompanying the sale also in e-shop is also widespread
a color pewter miniatures soldiers sizes 40 mm
and 54 to 60 mm.


Tea and coffee for us.
Our office corner, walk-in closet.

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